art space co-jin アートスペースコージン

supporterAbout “co-jin supporter”

A co-jin supporter is:

  • ・someone with an interest in the cultural and artistic activities of people with disabilities
  • ・someone with an interest in volunteer work such as monitoring an exhibition site
  • ・someone who wants to put his/her experiences of the arts to good use
  • ・someone who is eager to learn from and interact with others through training sessions and events.

We are looking for people who can support the activities of art space co-jjn in various ways. After registering as a supporter,we will guide you through the activeties as needed. Please feel free to apply for the supporter registration.

Conditions to become a supporter:

  • ・There are no requirements for or limits to qualifications, experience, age, or disability.
  • ・These who are inrerested in the cultural and artistic activities of people with disabilities.
  • ・In principle, free volunteer acitivities. (Transportation fees may be provided, depending on the activity.)
  • ・The supporter can speak conversational Japanese.

How to apply:

Please specify the following items and contact us by email/fax/telephone. Our staff will respond to you in return.

※We recruit supporters throughout the year. We are able to hold an individual briefing if you cannot attend the annual briefing.

  • ・Name
  • ・Contact information (telephone, fax, email, address)
  • ・Organization (if applicable)
  • ・Reasons for your application

tel&fax : 050-1110-7655
(10:00-18:00 closed Monday)
Email : info● *●=@