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NEW YOKAI | KIMURA Koichi Solo Exhibition

Venue:art space co-jin

NEW YOKAI | KIMURA Koichi Solo Exhibition
An artist who produces original Yokai, Koichi KIMURA, will exhibit his collection, NEW
YOKAI, KIMURA Koichi Solo Exhibition, for the first time. Mr. Kimura produces many
works through his pottery and drawings. Their distinctive features come from a
combination of different body parts, such as human limbs and eyes, and the way his
3D clay creations can fit in the palm of your hand almost gives them the appearance of
having existed since ancient times.
Yokai monsters are methodical creatures that are illustrated or described in words
based on various supernatural phenomena or experiences, and their tales have been
passed through generations with aspects of the history they came from. However, Mr.
Kimura’s Yokai don’t belong to this particular context of Yokai creation as they don’t
come with a story. Because of such a nature of creation, it gives us the freedom to
imagine them in any way we like. Another way of putting it is that this is a new kind of
way for Yokai to be born from our imaginations.



closed on monday



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"Untitled" unknown|Clay|64×52×30mm
"Untitled " unknown |Pottery|88×69×127mm
"Skewered ogre; an ear; a foot; an eye; a wrist; a nose" unknown|pencil, paper|182×257mm
"Untitled " unknown |pencil, paper|182×257mm



Born in 1976. Lives in Kyoto Prefecture.



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