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Emotional Drawing|SUDA Kyūzo

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Emotional Drawing|SUDA Kyūzo

We at art space co-jin will be holding an exhibition titled Emotional Drawing, Suda Kyūzo, which will be a solo exhibition featuring Suda’s works.

While suffering from thyroid developmental disorder, from an early age, Suda taught himself how to paint and draw, and has continued doing so to the present. His interests also extend to stamping techniques and Chinese art, and in recent years he has been drawing extremely elaborate pictures in notebooks in a series he calls Emotional Drawing. There, we can see the original world vision that has been born as a result of Suda’s studies, as well as his solid artistic technique. Those small notebooks, once opened, allow a glimpse of the vast expanse of imagery that resides inside Suda’s imagination. This exhibition focuses on Suda’s drawings of recent years, and gives us a precious opportunity to reflect upon all of his past works.

Lastly, we would like to express our sincerest thanks to Mr. Suda for loaning us his valuable works, and to the staff at Café Gallery Junpei for their cooperation with exhibition planning. 



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SUDA Kyūzo

Exhibition view

“Inspiration Drawing of Tien Hai” 2012~2018|notebook, ink
“Inspiration Drawing of Tien Hai” 2012~2018|notebook, ink
“Inspiration Drawing of Tien Hai” 2012~2018|notebook, ink
“Inspiration Drawing of Tien Hai” 2012~2018|notebook, ink
“Untitled” Unknown | notebook, aclylic
“Untitled” Unknown | notebook, aclylic


SUDA Kyūzo

Born in Shōwa 22 (1957), in Okayama Prefecture, Katsuyama-gun (currently Maniwa City), he was soon diagnosed with thyroid developmental disorder.
He began painting around the time he was in junior high school. Using watercolors and other materials his father bought for him, he painted landscapes on colored paper and newspaper. He would help with the family’s farming work, and could often be found sketching from the road facing the fields during breaks. Because art supplies were not easy to obtain where he lived, when he was in high school he would have his sister who was living in Osaka send things to him, and so he was able to continue his painting.
At the age of 19, he got hired as a typesetter in Osaka, while studying stamping techniques at a vocational school for persons with disabilities on the side. He moved to Kyoto at 27, transferring into dyeing work. He would sketch the scenery from the window while on break. In order to obtain a set of stamp-carving materials, he visited an exhibition of Chinese goods, which sparked an interest in Chinese art, and since then he has continued to study on his own, all the while creating original works.




Kyoto Culture and Art Promotion Organization for People with Disabilities


Café Gallery Junpei

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