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Begging and Countinuing Art -In one’s Life, Where is Art? The Praxis of IGARASHI Hideyuki-

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Begging and Countinuing Art -In one’s Life, Where is Art? The Praxis of IGARASHI Hideyuki-
The art space co-jin is proud to introduce how Hideyuki Igarashi’s art research
relates to special needs education, rehabilitation for children with disabilities, and
Mr. Igarashi conducted research on special needs education at the Kyoto University
of Education, studying under the supervision of Professor Masami Ota. Even after
completing the program, he continued to practice in the field of education and is
currently working in the field of art research (painting production research) in the
Department of Arts at Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts. From the
standpoint of art research, he is also expanding his areas of interest into the fields
of art education, special needs education, and rehabilitation for children with
Mr. Igarashi has developed teaching materials, educational tools, and jigs for young
children with communication problems, with the aim of helping them hold their gaze.
For example, he has developed teaching tools for young children who have autism.
Particularly through the production of teaching tools, his work attempts to see how
the results of the research of painting expressions using functional clay and jigs,
such as a perforated plate that mimics the surface of a painting, can be useful in the
field of rehabilitation. As yet, there are only a few examples of attempts to provide
rehabilitation for children with disabilities and special needs support through the use
of art. However, Mr. Igarashi’s activities reference the psychoanalyst point of view
and are supported by both practical and theoretical evidence.
We hope that this exhibition will provide you with the opportunity to think about the
relationship between art and rehabilitation for children with disabilities, special
needs education, and medical care through the context of art. It gives us great
pleasure for this space to serve as a gateway to an entirely new world that has
been opened up by art.



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art space co-jin




"Face-to-Face-Chiasma-Mutual Portrayal"



Born in Kyoto, 1964 / He completed the doctoral program in art research, without a doctoral degree at the Graduate School of Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts / He is currently Professor at the Department of Design & Arts, Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts / A research on expressions through oil paintings method / Exhibited at G-Tokyo 2013 at Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi) 2013/ IGARASHI Hideyuki exhibition - “Painting around the point of crossover -Vertically raising sea level” at 3331ART CHIYODA・MORIYU Gallery Tokyo 2013 / He invented a new method of woodblock and photo production utilizing photosensitive plastics, and was granted patent in 2005 / A 24 year of research on “Interactive drawing method” that bridges communication with autistic through drawing / Drawing and brain, art and science collaborative research 2011〜2013, “Building a process model of drawing activity led by brain function while drawing”, a research about brain function elucidating by eye tracking camera during drawing



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【Lecture】 To what extent is art present in our lives?
What we can recognize from the projects, “Crossover, face-to-face and
interactive drawing methods” and “Nurturing five sense study”

The application was closed as the limit was reached.

The exhibitor himself, Mr. Igarashi, is going to give you a commentary on his works. He is going to explore further on his long term projects, focusing on his activities and where he stands now, regarding the 3 elements of stages in our lives with artistic support, Art-beginning /recognition, Art-education/learning, Art-life/living.

Date and Time:Saturday 6th July, 2020 13:30〜15:30

Venue    :art space co-jin
Price:Free of charge

Records of Exhibition

"Chiasma - Face - to - Face, Hole plate"
"Drawing from 'Parallel Type - Mutual Portrayal'"
"Chiasma- Face - to - Face, Frame Utilizing Mutual Portrayal"