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Through this exhibition, we will introduce the works of KUBO Naoki, who is actively making artwork centered around paintings with Kyoto City as his base. The exhibition includes 200-odd pieces ranging from drawings of important people in his life, to recent works from his oil paintings, photo albums, and artwork made at the Art Classroom Atelier Uoof. One characteristic of his style is that he uses colors in a way as if to avoid the lines he has laid down―to put it into musical terms, it’s like he’s placing rests here and there. Those blank spaces give birth to patterns which seem gentle and friendly, while at the same time producing a space with a bit of ennui. Facing the works, if you yield yourself to them, it’s almost as if KUBO’s pictures are relaying some kind of important allegorical message to you.

Embedded in the meaning of the title “ART QUEVEAU,” we can see hints taken from the 19th Century art movement, particularly from “Kubo’s New Art.” The exhibition is structured from an amalgamation of focusing on the point of view of the subjects of his paintings/pictures, as well as including interview footage and the like. We are positive you’ll enjoy KUBO’s works, so please come and see them for yourself.



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art space co-jin


KUBO Naoki


" 'FOIL Magazine' Cover " 2020 | oil on drawing board | 410×318mm
" Mishka" 2015 | oil on drawing board | 410×318mm
" Walrus " 2011 | oil on drawing board | 410×318mm



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art space co-jin
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