art space co-jin アートスペースコージン


art space co-jin(アートスペースコージン)
photo by OMOTE Nobutada

art space co-jinとは

障害のある人の作品や表現に出会える場として、きょうと障害者文化芸術推進機構(事務局 京都府障害者支援課)が運営しています。

What is “art space co-jin”?

The “art space co-jin” is managed by Kyoto Culture and Art Promotion Organization for People with Disabilities (Bureau:Kyoto Prefectural Support for Persons with Disabilities Division)by people with disabilities.
The “art space co-jin” creates opportunities for everyone to interact through actibities such as events,workshops,lectures,etc.Its main function is a gallery space displaying various works such as paintings,photographs,pottery and installations.
Anyone is welcome to visit us.


art space co-jin(アートスペースコージン)の名称は、京都御苑に近接する荒神口の地名にあやかり、「共」の意味であるcoと、「人」の意味を込めたjinにより名付けています。

Origin of the name

The name art space co-jin is made up of two parts. Co is the same sound in ‘Kojinguchi’, the area near Kyoto Imperial Palace, and also is an English prefix meaning ‘together’ or ‘mutually’. Jin is a reading of the Japanese word 人, meaning ‘people’.


2015年12月、文化芸術を人と人がつながる手段の一つと捉え、これを媒介に共生社会の実現を目指し活動する「きょうと障害者文化芸術推進機構」を立ち上げました。その機構の活動拠点として、2016年1月art space co-jinを開設いたしました。


In Kyoto Prefecture, we are working towards the realization of a symbiotic and harmonious society, where people with and without disabilities alike can live in safety and with peace of mind.
Recognizing that cultural arts are a means for people to connect with each other, the Kyoto Organization for the Promotion of Cultural Arts by People with Disabilities was established in December 2015 as a body that strives to achieve this harmonious society. The art space co-jin was opened in January 2016 as a base for the organization’s activities.




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